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Let's save 500,000 lives a year

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Is it time to make a change in the way we look at tobacco? I believe the band aid approach has turned out to be a temporary fix. The band aid holds just long enough for people to find a way around it. We still have 36 million people here in the United State still smoking. This is insanity, at least half the of these people will die from tobacco induced diseases (I.e. lung cancer, heart conditions, COPD, Emphysema and chronic bronchitis and many more). The only sure way to end this is to make it against the law too farm tobacco.

With that, we need an embargo on all foreign tobaccos and derivative’s (i.e. nicotine). We must stop the sale of all tobacco products. Right now, we lose 460,000 to 500,000 people per year depending on what article you read. Those are unbelievable numbers! The elephant is in the room and we can’t ignore it any more. Worldwide the problem is much larger, the figures vary from 5.5 million to 7 million a year dying from tobacco induced diseases. I feel that the USA could be a leader in outlawing farming of tobacco.

Without tobacco being available we would be saving about 500,000 lives per year. It would take away many years of suffering for those with tobacco induced diseases and keep those people in the work force and paying taxes. The monstrous medical bills their family has to pay would not exist. If the bill was being picked up by Medicare or Medicaid, the removed cost to government would be a huge savings.

I understand that tobacco problems start at about age 40, these people are just entering their prime earning years. The people, if single, are planning for retirement and if married, are looking at college for the kids and their own retirement plans. The last thing they need is a long illness that will end in death for one of the family

I know this is a new concept and will have some detractors and I know the federal government won’t be too excited about it (last year it made them 15.5 billion in taxes and the states many millions more). As for the private business they have had 50 years to find other products to grow or to manufacture. The Surgeon General told the country that cigarette smoking was killing people and the people should give up smoking. This Web site is going to be dedicated to the stopping of farming and the selling the plant of death “Tobacco” and its derivative poison i.e. nicotine. I would like to see a law saying such and include an embargo on all tobacco, tobacco product, and derivatives from being shipped into the United States. This law to be named “Judy’s Law”.

Thank You for your time we have a long hard fight ahead of us. See you next time.

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